Over 500 property files missing from records

Over 500 property files missing from records
19/06/2018 , by , in News/Views

Agra Development Authority (ADA) has sought an explanation from officials regarding 500 missing property files. These crucial documents contain records of property which were in violation of municipal building laws, or records about disputed land. Official sources suggest that the total value of the thousands of properties whose records are missing will run into crores of rupees. The ADA vice-chairman has warned employees of strict action in case no information about the files is provided by them.

Earlier, ADA had conducted satellite mapping of all the properties under its jurisdiction, and begun the process of computerising property records. For this, data feeding work was started seven months ago during the tenure of the then ADA vice-chairman Anil Dhingra. According to a senior ADA official, so far data feeding of all the available 35,000 property files has been completed. Recently, after cross checking with the property register, it surfaced that 500 files were missing. Officials and employees concerned were questioned but no significant information has surfaced. Besides, irregularities are being found in the database prepared. In some of the cases land details are not registered.

ADA secretary Hari Ram said, “Following data feeding, it surfaced that property record files in large numbers are missing. We are trying to recover them and understand the details about the properties. Details have been sought from officials and employees concerned.” According to sources, the missing files include those concerned with illegal constructions and ADA land which has been encroached. During the tenure of the previous government, cases of attempt to encroach ADA land at Bagh Farzana had surfaced.

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