Properties to get new house numbers

Properties to get new house numbers
21/02/2017 , by , in News/Views

Come April all residential and commercial properties in Secunderabad Cantonment will get new house numbers. The Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB), which launched the new house number programme five months ago, will complete the task soon. Buildings in all the eight civilian wards will get these new house numbers.

“We have completed the task in seven wards. We will complete the work in the remaining ward soon,“ officials said. Ward VIII member J Lokanatham launched the house numbering project in his division.

The new house numbering project is the first of its kind in all the 62 cantonments in the country . The authorities allotted new house numbers to residential and commercial properties separately . Two different colours have been allotted to houses to distinguish them as residential and commercial. Residential buildings will get blue number plate and red maroon plates for commercial buildings. Around 42,200 properties including residential and commercial have been identified during fixing of house number plates programme in Secunderabad.

“So far, new house numbers have been fixed to 5,145 properties in Ward No-I and 6.932 properties in Ward No-II, 5,230 properties in Ward No-III, 2,924 in Ward No-IV , 5,865 in Ward No-V , 5,983 in Ward No-VI and 5,350 in Ward No-VII. Authorities have now identified 4.983 properties in Ward VIII.By the third week of March, we will complete the process. Separate house numbers have been given for properties located on main roads,“ SCB House Numbering Project in-charge Parusuram told.

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