‘Radio Forms An Important Media Vehicle’

‘Radio Forms An Important Media Vehicle’
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In an exclusive interview with Srinivasan, CEO, SNN Builders, who recently won Radio Campaign of the Year award from Realty Plus.

What was the idea behind this campaign?

“Compulsive Listening” was the main idea behind the campaign. When we did the research to check on the air time usage on Radio by any product, we found that it was invariably a short, hyped up voiceover trying the quickly convey the message which sounded more artificial. So we decided to come up with a radio commercial that sounded more surreal.

What went behind bringing it to reality?

In continuation to what I said above, we came up with a commercial that occupied most of the ad breaks time slot i.e. 110 seconds in which the entire project highlights were summed up in a story-telling style with the project name repeating maximum number of times. This eventually resulted in maximum ad-recall and the project name got registered into consumers mind so strongly that maximum number of closings happened during the radio campaign period. When everyone was utilising radio for pure branding exercise, we changed the mind-set and turned it into a hard-sell medium.

What were the hurdles that you had to overcome for its success?

None. When you have a good r-partner to turn your dreams into reality, you hardly face any hurdles. Jeevan Claude D’Souza Productions with whom we work have always understood our creative brief and come up with scripts that are different and result oriented.

What results did you achieve for this campaign?

In a nutshell, maximum call to action, thereby footfall and of course maximum conversions.

Has it raised the bar of expectation for your future marketing campaigns?

Yes and we will… Radio forms an important media vehicle and we will continue to produce game changing campaigns.

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