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Landscape design of Rhythm resort at Lonavala by Arunkumar Designers and Consultants Pvt Ltd is an integration approach to the architectural design with management of open spaces. The planning combines landscape buffer, entrances & external spaces as well as recommends specific items as a mean of design quality & image of the south-east Asian theme of development.


The public realm is described as the areas of the development that have public access and use. The public realm is shared by many and variety of people as such needs to be flexible in its design and management caters to the needs and the expectations.

The landscape strategy is intended to establish consistency and continuity in its design within the project, unity within the designated areas yet, to allow for variation where appropriate. This ensures that the spaces are functional and respond to local conditions & needs.

Traditional Southeast Asian theme at rhythm resort seeks to be in harmony with environment. In landscape, natural materials like stones, real timber and sandstone are used for finishes and ornamentation. It consists of sophisticated sculpting & decorative tradition. The landscape allows lots of open spaces comprising spacious courtyard with swimming pool, poolside cabana in traditional architecture, pathway, garden sit-outs etc.

The garden lamps are also made of natural stone rather than using artificial material. The pathway through dense greenery on both sides feels like a walk through the nature. The huge existing tree at the centre of the courtyard was retained, tucked at the centre of swimming pool. The landscape elements and mural walls are prominently designed in floral shape. Their ornamental appearance reflects an upscale contemporary image. Another natural element, water is used at entrance in the form of huge potted water feature offering a tickling aqua sound which makes the visitor’s mood absolutely fresh.

The outdoor planning is a visual creation of dramatic Southeast Asian concepts combined with a lush green landscape. The resort brings to its guests a unique experience by co-relating the green spaces with the man-made structure as well as a relaxed tropical atmosphere.

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