Scarce Parking

Scarce Parking
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Nailing it, now gives, immense pleasure

Manu Priyam

Is it simple Economics or even simpler than that – just, “Being Human!” During the ‘Ganapati’ celebrations, our Housing Society in Mumbai saw a severe crunch of parking space and whosoever got a chance to park their vehicles then, thought they were blessed by ‘Ganapati’ Himself. So, nailing a scarce parking space brings so much pleasure, these days. Rising number of vehicles has troubled these spaces. Individualistic society has nurtured this pain. Many need to understand that “pooling” is not only for the poor; rather it’s for all the responsible people, out there. Anyway, the purpose of celebrating ‘Ganapati’ was to bring the communities together and not to start fights for parking spaces, in communities and otherwise, co-operative Housing Societies!
Mandatory for Permissions
Builders may be blamed, for not foreseeing this flood of vehicles coming, but they are sure to be blamed, if they erred, solely to fetch extra profits. Their outlook can be disputed and debated, but builders in the Secunderabad Cantonment Board (SCB) region would soon need to compulsorily provide parking spaces, in their proposed buildings, or else they would be denied permissions. The SCB officials are mulling to make this a precondition, for granting the construction of a building. The SCB is daily receiving several complaints from residential colonies about vehicles being parked on roads, in its area.

There were around 300 residential colonies in the Secunderabad Cantonment. As most of the people park their vehicles on roads, due to lack of designated parking spaces, other residents face problems, especially, during a medical emergency or a fire mishap.

Most of the by-lanes in the Cantonment are facing parking problems. At most places, the width of the roads are 30-40 feet only, while in some other parts of the Cantonment, it’s only, as much as, 25 feet. Due to which, areas like, Marredpally, Bolarum, Mahendra Hills and Trimulgherry, often face traffic congestion. In the existing system, building permissions are being sanctioned, without having exclusive concern for parking, which is thought as an implicit duty of the builders, but lately the SCB has received numerous complaints, suggesting that the builders are flouting that tacit requirement of providing adequate parking.
In Shimla
Much above on Indian map, in the North, there’s a celebrated tourist place, called Shimla. There’s also this parking trouble. Officially, only 700 vehicles can be parked there, out of which 523 are accommodated in various designated parkings and around 200 can be left stranded, on the roads, without causing, too much of a hassle. Some hotels also provide parking facilities, but they are too few, in number. On an average, around 300 tourist vehicles enter the city, every day, during the tourist season, but inadequate parking facility compels them to resolve, not visiting the place again. Common compulsion of parking vehicles away from hotels and frequent traffic jams deter even the incorrigible travel enthusiasts. Sample this, the 3-hour journey from Kalka to Shimla, at times takes, as long as, seven to eight hours, to finish, due to traffic jams, in the way. Although, 3 big parking lots, with a capacity of 1,650 vehicles, are soon coming up, in the city, which we can hope to ease the burgeoning traffic concerns to some extent. After all, we should realise tough hilly conditions and congested narrow roads, make the town, different from cities, in plane and that it has some inherent limitations.
Similarly, a multi-storey parking complex has been started in neighbouring Amb, which would ease the traffic jams at the Amb Sub Divisional headquarters. The present Bus-stand at Amb is also cramped and soon would be shifted to a new location.

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