Space Matrix brings “The Future of Workplace”

Space Matrix brings “The Future of Workplace”
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Space Matrix decided to spend an entire month as an organisation to study the technologies and how they interface with each other and more importantly with the users.The findings of this experiment were an eye opener. We were not only able to explore all possible solutions available in the market but we were also able to understand which solutions can be club bed together to create a seamless user experience in an office. We could clearly understand the pros andcons of the available solutions over various cost segments. Some of the technologies of the future explored were:

The focus is no longer on singular experiences, but instead on those that represent a broader ecosystem. This concept promises to bring the control of the whole ecosystem to an individual user completely altering the fabric of user experience in an office – this is not very far off and is being implemented to control lighting, air conditioning, draw blinds and to even water plants through an appor voice control.

Power over Ethernet lighting – elimination of wires / conduits / distribution boards and powering the LEDs (which are a DC device) though DC power supplied to data cables, changes the way lighting is traditionally powered. Making each light addressable through this system, each light is independently dimmable / controllable through programming or inputs. Add a few sensors to these lights and the amount of data that can be gathered to automatically control the environment within the space is phenomenal.

Lifi – using light to connect to the internet is again a technology that opens up avenues which could address the issues pertaining to data security and wifi blind-spots. Possibilities are limitless.

Circadian Lighting – temperature changing light fixtures which are linked to the external environment /pre-programmed logics can reduce the fatigue of employees considerably and it also presents anopportunity to alter the colour temperature of lights in different areas.

Data driven building management system – Monitoring the environment and automatically controlling itbased upon individual / group of users’ inputs would eliminate the need of a BMS operator. This is an example of provision of choice to users not only in terms of space but also in terms of controlling the parameters of that space.

At the culmination of this exercise we set up an event to demonstrate these in detail to our clients. The theme behind this client event was “The Future of Workplace”. The event saw over 50 industry leaders gather to experience, to debate and to interact with future workplace technologies.

This overlap of workplace design and Tech in workplace has always fascinated us at Space Matrix. It wasa great pleasure for us to host this interactive and highly engaging event which we hope becomes the platform to understand and hopefully implement these technologies in the workplace. We endeavour totake this event to various cities and depending on the feedback, repeat this on a periodic basis to bridgethe distance between the tech world and the design world.

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