Steve Waugh Founder & Chairman, Waugh Global

Steve Waugh  Founder & Chairman, Waugh Global
Apr 2017 , by , in Interviews

On a hot, humid day in 2014, I looked out over the Mumbai skyline and made a commitment to myself that I wanted to play a shaping role in India’s growth story over the next 10 years.

During the cricketing years, in my conversations with HNIs and NRIs, they spoke about their emotional attachment to India andthe desire to own a home or property back home, but also about the apprehensions of complex investing processes, maintenance issues and absence of international standard service. This was the catalyst for introducing a transparent and committed service platform offering complete accountability during the buying process.

I established Waugh Global, an online real estate portal designed specifically to service the growing NRI market. It aims to sell premium off-the-plan properties to NRIs around the globe via an association with the top 10-15 property developers in India. The portal provides various services tailored to the unique demands of the Non-resident Indian investor such as, property management & rental, land advisory and NRI qualification & activation.

Three years down the line, the journey of Waugh Global has been historic and challenging. We have set benchmarks and worked over the opportunities we got and we have also built the partnership when needed. Good people are working with and for us.

Waugh Global encompasses more than just property, we invest in the community, we educate our advisors, we value our clients and we love India.

Our business is unlike any other property platform in the world, we select our development partners based on quality, accountability and transparency, rather than the fees they are prepared to pay.

Property developers cannot buy their way onto our platform, they have to earn it – and keep earning it. That’s why from time-to-time you may notice that we update our preferred list of partners. We do this to ensure our developers continue to meet the Waugh Global standards, based on a strictly monitored criterion of Project delivery record, Customer service feedback, Quality of workmanship and Investment in the community.

We have invested in world-class technology and research to ensure that the clients have timely access to a suite of properties and they don’t experience the sense of insecurity, which is often associated with purchasing property in India.

Recently, Waugh Global has entered into a partnership with Home Union, an online real estate firm providing all of the services investors need to buy, sell and manage real estate.While, we offer access to more than 200,000 properties across India and the subcontinent, to investors from India and all over the world, with this partnership, we will be able to assist investors from India, Australia and New Zealand to own assets in the US.

The team at Waugh Global is proud to continue this tradition of community investment via a commitment to donate a percentage of all revenue to community groups throughout India.We encourage our clients to contact us to learn more about the different ways in which we support the Indian community.

Since my retirement from international cricket, I have loved to devote time to charity —through my patronage of the Udayan Children’s Home in Kolkata, India, and the Steve Waugh Foundation, supporting children fighting rare diseases in Australia.

I know India, and patience is the key to operate in the country. We are a niche property portal, focused on quality. The core of our venture is the investors and we constantly analyse the work with our clients and partners. I believe in taking one step at a time and grow the business surely and steadily. In next five years, we would like to be the most preferred international property portal.

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