Suniel Shetty, brand ambassador of GM Modular unveils a new product range, Glitz Air and G-X

Suniel Shetty, brand ambassador of GM Modular unveils a new product range, Glitz Air and G-X
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GM Modular launches its new product range G-X and Glitz Air at Acetech 2018, Mumbai. Sunil Shetty’s presence makes the event more significant and visitors were delighted by the fascinating and innovative technology that has been showcased by the brand.

G10 - With Suniel Shetty

The brand introduces Glitz Air, a high-quality lighting solution, which not only brightens up your space, but also changes the ambiance through various hues, allowing you to control all of this even from a distance via App, while you’re still away from home. It can also turn your lights on and off with your voice.

Glitz Air, smart lighting solution by GM Modular uses Bluetooth to connect your smartphone to your bulbs and controls lighting via App. The advanced version uses hub/gateway compatibility with both. Bluetooth and Wi-Fi technology. The real benefit of advanced version is that you can control the lighting from a distance via App and you need not be in the immediate vicinity. Further, it can also be integrated with Google Voice assistant and Amazon for voice control.

GX - X3 , G-X

It is simple to set up and uses bayonet version for fitting. The bulb shines in any of 16 million colours and has a built- in dimmer that adjusts brightness and controls power. Brightness is about the same as a traditional 60 W bulb, hitting up to 800 lumens. You can change ambiance from cooler to warmer condition. With changing working space environment, different lighting condition is needed for performing tasks effectively. This fascinating technology is one of the best solution for smart homes and is best suited for office spaces for various tasks like conferences, presentations and more.


GX-Promotional Branding


GM introduces G-X, the slimmest, slickest range in Home Electrical category. It is made up of finest material which produces best product aesthetically and functionally.The brand understands that things don&get better by chance. They get better by change. Therefore,they constantly aim to reinvent their products. GM does all it takes, from using materials of exceptional representation of quality to machines that deliver utmost precision that helps boost efficiency. The newly launched G-X is a product of the brand’s passion. It is glamorous, fabulous and is sure to hold key to consumer happiness.

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