Sustainable interiors

Sustainable interiors
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When one adds the word “sustainable” to interior designing it means the space is just not being made beautifully, but along with the aesthetics one is taking care of the well being and health of the inmates. Being sensitive towards the environment and designing is called sustainable design.

Sustainability is acting now think about the future. And hence special care should be taken to select the materials used for construction. You can incorporate these eco friendly materials in various décor elements, like:

Make use of plants for decoration: avoid going for fancy glittery sticks and artificial flowers, instead go for natural planters inside home. They not only beautiful the space but also improve the indoor air quality. You can create quite a lot of interesting spaces with planters like – planters with herbs in the kitchen area, partition wall with creepers, corners of the rooms etc.

Flooring: flooring takes up so much of physical space in a house that you would definitely not want to compromise on the aesthetics, best is to go for natural products like: hardwood, bamboo, stone, marble, cork etc.

Wood flooring can be painted in desired colours.

Apart from eco-friendly ambience, it can also add more appeal to homes interior

Furniture: should be preferable made in organic material.

Natural solid wood remains a very popular choice when it comes to eco-friendly furniture, table tops can be made from marble or stones.

Avoid going for particle board, plastic or chromed metal, as these materials have more of joinery and adhesives which emit harmful gases. These materials have high VOC .

Wall paints: choose paints which do not emit harmful substances. All leading brands in india are manufacturing low VOC paints. You can also choose to go paint less by using different designs and patterns of wallpapers, wood paneling, cork sheets or ceramic tiles .

All these materials are eco friendly and will surely make your wall look beautiful

Windows/ doors: choose glass panels for doors and windows which have solar control property.

Glasses should have lowers solar factor and Low emissivity, which means they will reflect more heat and keep the interior space insulated. This is also cost efficient as it reduces cooling and heating loads.

Energy efficient lighting: play of lights is a very important element of interior décor. These days there are a lot of options available in the market which look beautiful and make use of CFL or LED, these help to save energy and electrical power. They also prevent emission of GHG (green house gases) which are harmful for health

Make use of natural lighting: another smart way is to let sunlight in and maximize daylight. Try to create skylights, opening with shade, and capture maximum of north light.

Using daylight in lieu of electrical light is a great advantage. It will save electricity and prevent the emission of pollutants.

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