Taking inspiration from the best that nature has to offer

Taking inspiration from the best that nature has to offer
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Creative and careful innovation, lies at the heart of the latest offering by Orient Bell Limited; a company that has been manufacturing tiles since 1977, and has been listed on the stock exchange for more than 20 years. Crafted with finesse, INSPIRE, the newest range of Glazed Vitrified Tiles, breathes new life into the visions of those who want to change the world and have the skills to do it.

OBL’s latest series, ‘INSPIRE’, takes inspiration from the best that nature has to offer. With Omani Beige, Igneous Rocks, Soapstone from Australia, Limestone as well as the favorites Statuario & more; the company has travelled far & wide to curate and design a range that should appeal to the most discerning consumers.

There are 35 designs, with finishes ranging from Super Gloss, Gloss, Matte, Baby Satin and Rocker. The range has a healthy mix of colors including white, beige, brown and grey. The range focuses on 4ftX2ft size slabs. The range is gaining more preference these days as customers are looking at ease of application with the new size slab and would love its attractive resemblance to marble.

Every color in the tile dictates the kind of ambiences it goes with. Browns & Beiges, commonly preferred for floors and bathrooms, go with the traditional furniture. On the other hand greys are much more open to interpretation and can go with lavender – yellow furnishings as well as black furniture. Onyx on the other hand, works well as kitchen backsplash, countertops, retaining walls and as bathroom wall highlighters.

With this range, OBL is demonstrating its ever-increasing understanding of traditional marbles. The Inspire series reflects the most popular and preferred designs from the natural stone market. You can also visualize its final look on their proprietary tools – Quicklook and Truelook. Prepare to get inspired by their latest collection!

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