The evolution of Project Management Consultancy in Real Estate

The evolution of Project Management Consultancy in Real Estate
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Project Managers have been involved in the construction of complex buildings since centuries, although in that period it was the architect himself overseeing the entire construction of the ancient structures such as the pyramids in Egypt and the aqueducts of Rome and more. The technical guideline to project management began to formulate in corporate America around World War II and by the 1950’s they had become an integral part of all civil construction and corporate projects. Post World War II a Project Management Consultant (PMC) began to follow two methods of managing projects:

  1. Program Evaluation Review Technique (PERT)– A statistical tool that is designed to analyze and characterize the tasks involved in completion of the project undertaken within the timeline set for it.
  1. The Critical Path Method (CPM) – This was a detailed project managing technique that gave step after step planning with the descriptions of the critical and non-critical tasks involved in the project in order to complete the project without hindrances.

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