The Great Eastern Home makes a statement!

The Great Eastern Home makes a statement!
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When all you see is a statement chair that stands out in a living room, the probability that the chair was custom built at The Great Eastern Home is almost certain.  Chairs have always been personal, and over a period of time become a favourite of their owners. Statement chairs always attain this privilege. The chairs crafted by Great Eastern Home are carved to perfection in rare woodwith exotic leather upholstery and outstanding designs that become envy of all your visiting friends.

Great Eastern Home has a generous number of options of statement chairs custom designed and available at the majestic 50,000 sq store at Byculla in Mumbai.

At The Great Eastern Home there are many other stellar pieces of furniture to choose from, that can beautify the décor of your home. One would do well to invest in some other pieces of furniture that add a dash of panache to your interiors, a truly valuable investment for life.

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