The Pink City Broker

The Pink City Broker
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Krishna Gupta, Founder & CEO, Propterry.comtalks about industry situation currently, and strengths of his company with Realty Plus

When did you enter the profession?

It’s been over one year since we had started operating efficiently in Jaipur with no brokerage policy.

How would you define the industry today?

Today when we talk about real estate industry the first thought flashes up is: unorganised and trust. The market today is highly in demand of organised work whether it is about broker or of the properties or the brokerage. Customer suffers from lack of adequate information about the various listed properties. The brokers on the other hand are extremely unorganized and at times unfair to the individual customer. Brokerage fee is a deterrent for the customers and while the online property portals lead to dissatisfaction on account lack of relevant information.

What steps do you take to regularise the brokers market from your end?

We are building channel partner system to regulate the broker market. It is high time to systemize every broker and set some standard rules in this industry. Also, we are coming up with franchising second sales in rental management system.

What are your strengths as a broker?

As a broker, we have our own system in this industry. Our USPs are ‘NO BROKERAGE FEES’ followed by 100 % verified listed properties, standardizing the real estate transaction and amazing after sales service. We are also in the process of building new technology and design amazing user experience to reduce the conversion time by 50%.

Do you have a portal? Are you on the social media?

Yes, we operate online as well. People can visit our website Also, we cover all the social media including Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin. Also, our Whatsapp number connects the local buyers and provides a medium to avail our services.

Do you provide after deal service? If yes, for how many months post a deal is closed?

Yes, we do provide after sale services. For the better convenience of the customer, the month is not fixed. Instead we provide the services till the time the purchaser stays with that property.

Do you provide free assistance to your clients in paper work?

Yes, we do. We have one section of advisory in which along with providing all the documentation assistance we do consultancy on the properties which the person is interested.

Do you provide detailed records of the property prior to your deal?

Yes, definitely. We make them understand what is necessary. To tell the know-how of the property we provide complete documentation of the estate.

Do you feel the brokers market needs to be more organised. If yes, what do you think is the need of the hour?

Today in this industry we need to understand that people are losing faith from broker because of unsystematic and unorganised market. They still suffer from the lack of adequate information. So, I think we should concentrate moreover on this part rather than focussing only on advertising properties.

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