The Regulatory Bill will add flavor to the industry

The Regulatory Bill will add flavor to the industry
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Kalpesh Shah’s tryst with Real Estate began way back in 1987. A Commerce graduate, he is a trained Computer professional, with a Diploma in Computer Management to his credit.

A Correspondent

When did you enter the profession?

ANS: In the year 1989.

How would you define the industry today?

Ans: It’s becoming better year on year. The role of government and educated professionals entering in this Field  will bring  transparency  and regulatory bill will add the flavor in changing Industry status.

What steps do you take to regularize the brokers market from your end?

Ans: We educate ourselves and our staff  first at Individual level by giving training at our organisation; secondly at local association level we have AREA ie The Association Of Real Estate Agents group where we are inviting expert people from the real estate industry to share their knowledge on New Laws and DP, DC rules, daily changing market senecio etc. On Pan INDIA Association level ie National Association of Realtors-INDIA by arranging education and training  program where in we invite international speakers from NAR-US to enlighten us how to develop our business and bring self regulations in the industry and thereby interact with local and state government  and central government to bring regulations on all level.

Any celebrity/famous clients you would like to mention?

Ans. Irfan Khan film actor, ITT a Fortune 500 company, central mall a retail brand, various bank deals nationalized and new generation bank like HDFC, KOTAK MAHENDRA, AXIS tec, we have also dealt with  reliance Dhirubhai Ambani hospital and state bank for residential block deals.

What is your annual turnover? – Optional Question

Ans : It depends on market condition.

What are your strengths as a broker?

Ans I am one of the Founder Member and Past President of AREA GROUP-The Association of Real Estate Agents our local North Mumbai association and Past President of National association of Realtors-India. And currently on Advisory board of NAR-INDIA.

With an experience of over 25 years in the real estate industry and having network in 24 cities across India and affiliations with international associations are one of the key strengths.

Do you have a portal? Are you on the social media?

Ans : Yes we have portal named as ; blog known as aasharealtorsblogers… And also use all social media platform on daily bases.

Do you provide after deal service? If yes, for how many months post a deal is closed?

Ans: We believe in maintaining good customer relation for life time rather generation to generation. Real estate is high value deals and people use it for his life time. Therefore we do not keep any time limit, it’s like building family relations with our client and therefore there is no time limit. We provide all the required support to our client once they have been our customer.

Do you provide free assistance to your clients in paper work?

Ans : Yes.We believe it is very important not only to  assist but to guide customers as Real Estate is one of the biggest contributor to their assets and once in lifetime decision for many.

Do you provide detailed records of the property prior to your deal When did you enter the profession?

Ans:Real Estate is all about providing the right information and maintaining transparency,

For this the most essential thing is to have complete and detailed knowledge about the property because in today’s scenerio the customers have become more intelligent and come with lots of preparation and to justify them it is very important to provide complete detail not only about the property but also about services we offer pre and post sales.

I am a practicing consultant since last 26 years.

How would you define the industry today?

Ans : Real Estate even after being one of the greatest contributor to the GDP has not received industry status but very soon it is expected . But this so called industry is like multi starer film where all the characters are equally important. And in professional terms it’s a chain Management industry if one fails every one gets its effect. But if it’s operated properly there is no business like this business. You meet all variety of people and get knowledge of all the Field. Everyday is a  great learning and great earning.

Do you feel the brokers market needs to be more organised? If yes, what do you think is the need of the hour??

Yes. In  India this market is still un organised as compared to US and other developed countries. There has to be a semi – governmental regulatory Body like SEBI. And it is the need of the hour. We as NAR- INDIA governing body and advisory board member have represented to government for bringing necessary changes in the incoming regulatory bill.

Do you feel the brokers market needs to be more organised? If yes, what do you think is the need of the hour?

Yes.. Today any body operates as real estate broker just by printing some visiting card irrespective of one having knowledge of real estate, such broker spoils the name of broker fraternity . The need of the hour is  to have entry and exit barrier. Any new realtor or real estate broker must have minimum entry knowledge and 2 years of training to become as professional broker. Must have qualified minimum knowledge Entrance test from authorized institute as we have in NAR- INDIA and then Only on should be allowed to work independently.
Finally I would like to congratulate REALTY PLUS for putting its best effort for helping to regularise the industry by way of publishing the valuable knowledge of various experts of all the related feild and  helping for upbringing  the realty sector.



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