TNAU taps solar energy

TNAU taps solar energy
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The Tamil Nadu Agricultural University – Agricultural Engineering College and Research Institute at Kumulur near here, has successfully tapped solar energy by generating 572 Watts at its Renewable Energy Park. A total of eight panels have been set up at the park with a capacity of 74 Watts each and the power generated is being utilised for pumping water using mini pump.

The panels just need periodical maintenance and upkeep for its efficiency, said K. Ramaswamy, Dean of the Institute. He said that the panel has been set up with a view to motivating farmers to take to non-conventional energy technique for deriving maximum advantage.

“We have planned to expose the farmers to these non-conventional gadgets,” he said.

This apart, the Institute has taken up a series of experiment in tapping solar energy for street lights. “We have set up 20 solar panels for 20 street lights within the campus,” he added.

Mr. Ramaswamy also said that the Institute accounted for a large number of cattle and a biogas plant has been set up using cow dung. “The fuel energy needed for the canteen is got from biogas,” he said.

The Institute has also taken up research on solar powered device to keep birds away from crops. Whenever a bird comes near the field, the solar panel emits a sound emitted from a pen-drive. “Farmers often complain about the extensive damage to the produce, particularly on the eve of harvest. The device will help keep away birds,” he said.

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