U.S. diplomat on climate change in Mumbai

U.S. diplomat on climate change in Mumbai
05/09/2016 , by , in News/Views

On Friday, September 02, Realty Plus attended the address of U.S. Special Envoy for Climate Change Dr. Jonathan Pershing, the Co-chair of the U.S.-India Joint Working Group on combating climate change. Speaking to the select media and students of Xavier Institute of Communications in Mumbai, he spoke about the environmental and the climate-related outcomes of U.S.- India Strategic and Commercial Dialogue in New Delhi. According to him, the present generation was the first to experience the effects of climate destruction and the last to do something to correct the environmental damage.

Answering the query of the Realty Plus editor on how to help the bottom of the pyramid, which is the most impacted segment by the socio-economic fallout of environmental change, Dr. Pershing said the combination of technology with the low cost on ground solutions could be one of the answers. He added, “The bottom of the pyramid individuals in any country harm the environment the least but are affected the most by the policies governing the climate change across the globe. The Paris Agreement in a way has been a success as in a very short period of time countries voluntarily submitted their own individual efforts towards reducing climate damage. Once ratified, it would be a big step in the right direction.”

Dr. Pershing explaining the U.S.-India Joint Working Group policy focus said that the emphasis is on the bilateral exchange of ideas, technology and experts & academicians in the areas of air quality, forestry, capacity building and clean energy. “The countries till now have been resilient, concentrating more on policy formulations but we need to acknowledge the fact that the climate change is already happening and we have to start taking proactive measures to manage it”, he stated emphatically.

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