US firm ABCHI enters Indian home inspection market

US firm ABCHI enters Indian home inspection market
04/04/2016 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Home buyers in India can now verify whether their homes are built according to plan or examine whether they have been built as per the specifications of the contract by employing a third party inspector, according to IANS report.

US-based A Buyer’s Choice Home Inspections (ABCHI), which has entered India’s market by partnering MACJ, promised to provide third party unbiased inspection services.

“We will inspect home of a buyer (our customer) to verify whether it is built according to the proper plan or not. Suppose a buyer buys a 1,000 square feet flat, we will inspect and verify that our customer (home buyer) gets 1,000 square feet flat. It is a third party unbiased inspection services,” ABCHI founder and CEO Bill Redfern said.

The home inspection firm has formed a JV with the Indian partner and plans to open 100 franchise units in the next five years.

MACJ director and CEO Mahendra Suraka said: “Professional home inspection services are the need of the hour. Inspections will help buyers and sellers to make more informed decisions about their homes.”

The inspection is expected to bring more transparency not only to buyers and sellers but also to real estate agents, bankers, insurers and the government, Suraka said.

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