Vastu for your bathroom

Vastu for your bathroom
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Location of your bathroom can generate Positive or Negative energies!

By: Prasad Kulkarni, Vastu Expert & CEO, MahaVastu Mumbai

The logical million-dollar question that we want to ask you is: are the owners of luxury bathrooms actually being able to enjoy the comfort and good vibes promised therein? Well, if the ancient Indian doctrine of Vastu Shastra is to be believed, no matter how swanky the toilet is, if it is not built in its designated space as per the universe’s energy principle, it can emanate negative energies that directly influence the prosperity of the building andthe health of its residents.Additionally, the negativity can affect the flow of wealth andthe education of children, and may also become a cause of instability in relationships within the family.

According to Vastu Shastra, the East zone of the house is the worst place for locating a toilet.Establishing of beneficial connections, association with pleasant and gainful personalities, as well as success and failure of meetings get influenced by the energy that emanates from the East zone. Thus, if a toilet is built in this zone, the positivity here gets drained out through it. The main function of the toilet, regardless of its design and looks, is to dispose of the waste. When in the East, a toilet performs the same function, but it also pulls away all the positivity of the East and flushes it off like waste. In particular, influential politicians, religious propagandistsand high-profile businessmen, whose respective professions are primarily based on networking and connections, can suffer a great loss is they have a toilet in the East zone.

East is also considered to be the zone of creativity, and when you are in a house with the toilet in this zone, you will feel that you are lacking in ideas.Those creative thoughts are just not coming to the mind anymore – painters, designers, musicians and others associated with creative fields can see a major setback.

VastuShastra has designated a well-thought-out place for the toilet in the house. Like with all other rooms, Vastu Shastra has defined a set of directionsfor the toilet – the direction where it should be built, face, and have other openings like a window, an exhaust, and a shaft. Appropriate locations for commode, basin, faucets and shower,too, have been predefined. All of the reasoning for this is based on the harnessing of the energies for tapping into the positive energies that move across the house. It is not rocket science, but a basic understanding of the significance of directions and their correlation with the five basic elements, which are the fundamentals of everything that exists in the universe.

The right place to have a toilet in the house isSouth-South-West. The zone is marked as an area for waste disposal. When constructed in this zone, the toilet disposes of the waste as well as the negative energies that originate from the waste. A toilet in this zone keeps a tab on wasteful expenditure in the house, helping you make significant savings.

We all know how important it is to dispose of the waste from our bodies. Likewise, it is equally essential to let the waste be completely out of the house you live in. The zone of disposal is the South-South-West; not just the commode, but your wash basin as well as the waste bin should also be placed in this direction only. Like all bodily functions happen in a balanced manner when the body is clear of all waste, the functions of the house, too, run smoothly with proper disposal in the zone of waste.

Another thing to be noted is that the South-South-West zoneshould not be utilized for any positive activity like a religious ceremony, celebrations, or some otherevent that is supposed to bring joy to the family. All good deeds done in this zone are bound to get wasted, leaving no positive effect in the house.

Hence, if you were planning to redo your bathroom and are prepared to shell out some extra dough on modern ceramics and fittings, do sit back and consider what zones they will be installed inand if the location of the bathroom is justified.

The writer, Prasad Kulkarni, a well-known MahaVastu Expert of Mumbai is also CEO of MahaVastu Mumbai who has gained scientific and technical Vastu Knowledge directly from Vastu Guru KhushdeepBansal

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