Venkat Subramanian, Managing Director, Saint India Pvt Ltd- Gyproc Business

Venkat Subramanian,  Managing Director, Saint India Pvt Ltd- Gyproc Business
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Saint Gobain Gyproc, a leader in the building construction space in India for over three decades has been a pioneer in introducing light weight interior construction practices in the Indian building industry. In fact, Gyproc is foremost in the minds of customers when they think of ceiling, drywall partition and gypsum plaster as it offers the widest and complete range of plaster boards, ceiling tiles, plasters and metal framing and accessories.


Subramanian, a B-Tech in Electrical Engineering from IIT Chennai, joined Saint-Gobain in 2004 as the Managing Director of Saint-Gobain Vetrotex India Ltd. In April 2007, he took charge of Company’s Gyproc Business as the Managing Director. As Subramanian points out, “The poor choice of technologies compromises the comfort of the buildings. It is now well established that if you have issues of noisy surroundings, poor temperature, lighting and ventilation etc. then it certainly compromises your living comfort, causes ill-health and consequent low productivity. Through intelligent use of our products and solutions we are working to improve the level of comfort that our buildings provide to us. Some of the acoustics solutions we have provided have transformed the user experience and have been greatly appreciated. These products enable a designer to create mood-enhancing environments with superior aesthetic appeal and are used extensively in decorative suspended ceilings, which are the pride of many homes.”


With sustainability at the core of their strategy Gyproc’s objective is to provide comfort, performance and safety as well as solutions to the challenges of sustainable construction, efficient resource management and climate change. Gyproc implements green practices in diverse areas across manufacturing to design. Their products are suitable for Green Buildings and the Gyproc team consciously works towards creating awareness about green products. Gyproc is the first to have an EPD (Environmental Product Declaration) for its product in India.


As per Subramanian, Gyproc actively promotes and supports Drywall construction technology. It focuses on user comfort while designing any solution. In the coming years the company will lead the way in the construction sector through innovative solutions and aims to deliver superior comfort through enhanced performance on acoustics, air quality, aesthetics and thermal comfort.


Given that over the course of the next decades, India, will witness a lot of development and construction activity, to address the demands of the burgeoning urban clusters, tall buildings, factories, offices, hotels, hospitals, schools and so on or even for that matter, providing affordable housing, conventional construction technologies are going to be woefully inadequate. New solutions which conserve natural resources like sand and water, use materials which are green and recyclable, promote efficiencies in labour usage and save on time and life cycle cost of construction, need to be prioritized.


Gyproc has a strong leadership team which is constantly working towards growing the industry. In order to address the acute shortage of skilled labour in the construction space Gyproc has been running multiple skill-building schools across India. This effort has received lot of praise and recognition from the Industry as well as the Government of India in the form of Skoch Inclusion Award in 2016 and CIDC Vishwakarma Awardin 2017. With the aim of demand generation and increase in the usage of gypsum based products especially in the residential segment Gyproc has been investing in advertising and promotions thereby making designer ceilings an integral part of home-décor.


Through our innovative solutions, market development approach and technology driven differentiated services we aim to fulfill the future aspirations of our customers and will continue to be a transformational player in the Indian real estate landscape.

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