Viega India redefines functionality in bathrooms

Viega India redefines functionality in bathrooms
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Viega India, one of the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating, has introduced a unique concept where things adapt to people with their adjustable bathroom designs.

The ability to live in familiar and comfortable surroundings at a ripe old age is an understandable wish shared by several senior citizens. This can easily be a reality through the choice of age-friendly accommodation.

This starts right from the bathroom, a sanctuary of relaxation and self-care. Early planning of this space can yield rich dividends later in life. Several factors should be taken into consideration to ensure maximum ‘room to manoeuvre’. Additionally, proper planning with the washbasin, toilet areas, bathtubs, spacious shower with or without sills also contribute in making a functional and pleasing bathroom.

Manoj Maithani, speaking on Adjustable Bathrooms, “At Viega, we aim to create products that are functional and suit the needs of our customers. We want to provide a comfortable lifestyle to everyone, and we place great emphasis on this factor right from the designing stage. Our new range of adjustable bathroom designs which are intelligently planned and executed will provide a space that evoke a sense of style and yet be highly functional making lives easier.”

In Viega’s adjustable bathroom design, it showcases how bathrooms can be designed for all ages without compromising on comfort. These are the washbasin and toilet that can be height-adjusted at the touch of a button, foldaway support for more ease of use.

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