Viega’s concealed connection box will enhance the functional value of washstands

Viega’s concealed connection box will enhance the functional value of washstands
14/08/2019 , by , in ALLIED

Viega India, one of the leading manufacturers of installation technology for sanitary and heating, has developed an enhanced concealed connection box.
Installations under a washstand are normally considered unattractive in terms of appearance and Viega’s concealed connection box; the odour trap and corner valves will disappear completely into the wall and still be accessible through a chrome-plated cover panel.

Functionality: The concealed connection box, which is integrated into a Steptec module or the respective Eco Plus element, can be connected directly to the supply and disposal pipes. Only the connections for the fittings and the drain from the washstand need to be fitted. A chrome-plated veneer, which is simply positioned over the drainage elbow, then covers the entire installation. The concealed connection box is also available for wet constructions. The new concealed connection box from Viega is not just an optical advantage for any bathroom but the covered installations allow the washstand to be accessible for any user.

Design: Despite the connections provided in the product, it can still be flexible during installation for the height. The concealed connection box can be shortened in depth as well to fit the wall structure during the preliminary works and aligned to the height of the washstand. After the detailed assembly, the washstand drain can still be moved up and down within 20 mm. The installation of electronic fittings is also possible due to a separate cable inlet.
The universal concealed connection box from Viega is a compact plastic housing, which is ready for hot and cold drinking water connections and the odour trap. Drainage pipes in DN 40 or DN 50 can be connected to the box. The delivery includes corner valves, a chrome-plated drainage elbow and the connections needed for the washstand fitting.

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