Virtual Space to Revolutionize Architecture

Virtual Space to Revolutionize Architecture
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Interview with Architect Gunita Kuļikovska, Strategic Designer and Curator, Creative Ideas and Projects
You are currently developing the software VIVIDLY – a Virtual Reality Check for real estate developers, architects and construction companies. Could you tell us a little more about the app?

VIVIDLY is a tool that quickly transforms 3D models or any type of renderings into virtual experience allowing professionals and end-users to feel at home in the building before it is actually built. Such an experience is extremely valuable at the first steps of the construction cycle as it allows all parties involved to better evaluate the project, communicate their vision and make necessary changes before the construction process has actually started.

VIVIDLY will have some truly unique features built in for users that will stand out of the VR buzz. Organisations can use it as a communication medium, as well as a marketing and sales tool for showcasing project to larger audiences in an exceptionally engaging and easy-to-remember way.

At what stage of development are you? When will it be ready to use?

VIVIDLY is developing purposefully and with a focus on its customers. Before rushing into extensive development, we want to truly understand the core needs of architecture and construction enterprises. That’s why we are completing our first partner-customer batch by the end of September. These companies will have exclusive access to VIVIDLY Version 1. We want to build with the best in mind, in order to build for the future of the industry.

With that in mind, we have established great collaborations with progressive organizations like the Great Amber Concert Hall in Liepaja, Latvia. This is the first concert hall in the world that is now available in VR, thanks to VIVIDLY.

Our partners are characterized by a progressive mindset, quality and attention to great service. For both small or big the enterprises, what matters if the attitude.

Do you believe that VR technologies will revolutionize architecture? If so, how?

I believe VR is more than technology – it is a new medium. It will transform every industry, just as the Internet did. Will it revolutionize? I believe, to some extent, that it will become the main communication platform, far beyond being a presentation tool. It has the capability of becoming common ground for professionals and non-professionals to think in one space.

VR is a paradigm shift, especially when simulating unbuilt concepts, versions and enabling people to understand, engage and contribute to better architecture for better cities. The most fascinating thing is that VR has no geographic boundaries and could therefore become an integral player in balancing demand and supply for architectural services across the globe.

Architects have unique skill sets and imagination even without VR, but we have to be aware that many other people don’t. Even so, cities are built for everyone, right?

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