Vishal Jumani Director of the Supreme Universal

Vishal Jumani  Director of the Supreme Universal
May 2017 , by , in Interviews

Like many successful people Vishal Jumani learnt the most important lesson in business from his mentor – his father. The first lesson his father taught him was that no matter what he did, the customer’s interest should always come first.Doing that is half the battle won.

Today, after seventeen years in the industry, nothing has changed. The lessons he learnt all those years ago still apply and it was this strong foundation that helped him propel the Supreme Universal Group to new, uncharted and exciting territories in the world of realty.

After completing his graduation, his eagerness to learn new things pushed him to attend several short-term courses on real estate & management. And he has always applied his knowledge and curious nature to make things better at Supreme Universal.

As the Director of the Supreme Universal, Vishal is involved in the overall planning, business development and strategy for the group. But his nature is such that he contributes to the smallest of details too. He is involved in every aspect of the business from conceptualising to commissioning. To adapt new technologies, use better construction practices and challenge norms has always driven him, and the people who are constantly around him can feel his passion.

Vishal understands that as a fraternity, the real estate industry needs to be transparent. It is the need of the hour and the only way forward. Customers need to be aware of what they can expect and what changes the future will hold, rather than being left in the dark. Such transparency and integrity is the first step towards building trust, and this is where his understanding of the customer’s psyche plays a major role. It has helped him carve projects that hit the nail on the head when it comes to meeting customer needs.

“It is a well-known fact that India has an acute shortage of homes. It is the collective responsibility of the real estate industry to work towards fulfilling this gap and building homes for every walk of life.”

He also plans to take the Supreme name to newer geographies and explore different avenues going forward.In his spare time, he loves to travel. His mind is always looking for inspiration. Sometimes, even in the most unlikely places. Perhaps, that is his secret. To always have your eyes open, to experiment and to identify a good idea when there seems to be none.

The human side of the business has always been his strong point. Not to mention his excellent business acumen has helped him spearhead the company in every way.

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