“We feel a sense of responsibility after winning this award”

“We feel a sense of responsibility after winning this award”
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In an exclusive in-depth interview with Vikas Raj Sharma, Managing Director, IHPL Group, who won an Award in the category of Emerging Developer of the Year – Commercial for the project Platinum Bay

How do you feel after winning this award from Realty Plus?

Realty Plus is a known and acknowledged name in the real estate scenario and getting an award from an organization like this is always an astounding experience. We are candidly rejoicing the moment and are celebrating the honour accredited to us. However this award has entrusted us with a responsibility of raising the standard and repute of Real estate with our pluperfect practices at our endeavour and by constructing flawless establishment which will be at par with the international standards and national policies.

Has it raised the bar of expectation from you for the future?

Off course and we feel a sense of responsibility after winning this award as we feel that this is just a beginning and there is lot more that we need to achieve, there are higher pinnacles that we need to touch by innovating the real estate with our dynamic practices and an efficient usage of new fangled practices and technology.

Do you think the jury process was transparent?

Well! The question should be directed towards the jury. However everyone that has been certified has been moving heaven and earth in order to innovate modify and change the real estate regime for the betterment of real estate and its counterparts at a global level.

How do you drive and motivate your team?

There is a dedicated team of leaders, gurus and experts that are always working towards hitting the bird’s eye and is constantly working hard and smart to innovate and revolutionize the scenario. The vision that embarks upon bringing the change is a continuous motivating force for all our team members. Moreover the participation in the key decisions and an encouragement to the expression of creativity by each individual are other factors that motivate our team to bring in nothing but the best in their every endeavour.

What has been the turning point of your career?

The day I had ventured IHPL. That was a day when I had promised myself that I need not just touch the sky, but to play with the clouds. (Laughs!!)

What is the advice you would like to give to upcoming and young developers?

Believe in your ability to change. We all have an ability to change something or other and we can create an impeccably astounding real estate scenario by identifying our ability. The only thing is we need to identify is how and what we can change to create a niche where we can compete with ourselves for the good of real estate, thus raising its contribution to the GDP of the economy.

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