“We have set standards in delivering our projects on time”

“We have set standards in delivering our projects on time”
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Syed Ayub, Co Founder & Director of MIMS, who won the award in the category of Mid-Segment Project of the Year. He speaks to Realty Plus about the award and lots more

How do you feel after winning the Realty Plus Award?

We as a team feel really proud to be honoured in this prestigious circle. It not just an award or trophy that is to be displayed in the showcase but a mark of appreciation for meeting the commitments we have made and defining in fine words that much better work is expected from us.

Has it raised the bar of expectation from you for the future?

The bars have been raised by many aspects of our industry but this award makes it more definitive as to where we stand today and where we need to be the coming stage. Realty Plus Award makes it clear that we need to be of the best of the standards and deliver the best to be able to stand on this coveted platform and hold this grace.

Do you think the jury process was transparent?

With the kind of questioning, investigation and scrutinizing was done at all the levels with us, I feel that excellent amount of transparency and honesty was maintained in the process. It is not because we have won an award I say this but the other winners who hold this award in different categories are well deserve and have earned this appreciation given by the Realty Plus.

What are your biggest trends?

We have been practicing certain norms in our developments and these have been the trends so far. We have set standards in delivering our projects on time because timely deliver has been the prime hassle any home owner goes through. The second trend we have set is to choose the right kind of people whom we need to sell. This helps in forming a beautiful community of likeminded people and maintains harmony and peace of mind in that place for a long time.

What has been the turning point of your career?

The advent of digital age has been the turning point of our career as a company. The focus of selling a property today is not confined to the mainline selling media like newspaper, magazine or a billboard but online is the in thing.

Literally all have occupied a space online to make themselves visible, convince and sell because everyone is hooked on to the net today whether it is through a system or a mobile phone.

What is the USP of your company?

MIMS is not just a name but an attitude that spells innovation and uniqueness in everything we do.

We have set ourselves apart in terms of timely delivery and this has not just earned us a good name but also made way for our marketing through word of mouth.

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