We stand for the new age customer

We stand for the new age customer
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Sandeep Shukla, Head Marcom, Jaquar Group; talks about their latest products offered by their brand with Realty Plus

What are the latest products offered by your brand?

Jaquar Group is built on the platform of highest quality standards, aesthetics and with an intent of providing world class products. We are known for bringing in products that are innovative and path breaking. Our biggest strength is the three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities spread over 1.5 lakh sq. m, equipped with most modern technology and progressive global technological processes to deliver most innovative bath products for the market. Special focus on R&D helps Jaquar delivers some of the first and unique products for Indian bath market.

Some of our recent initiatives include-

  • Hi-Flow thermostat: one of the latest offerings, which allows the consumer to enjoy a hot shower even in low-pressure conditions which makes it apt for Indian conditions
  • I-Flush: The revolutionary flushing mechanism that installs directly in the regular pipeline
  • Maze showers: The contemporary, minimalistic, one-of-its-kind design of Jaquar’s new Maze Showers incorporate shower nozzles in groups of concentric lines, delivering a softer, cosier, fuller showering experience, and improved performance in even in low water pressure conditions.
  • Hydrolite showers: A unique LED shower which changes its colour with changes in temperature.
  • Alive faucets: Bath fittings that celebrate the beauty of asymmetry. Alive is the choice that enlivens bathrooms with a post-modern asymmetric aesthetic. Alive’s curves, coordinated across a wide range of fixtures, celebrate the evolution of individuality and add intrigue and excitement to any bath décor that aims to make a statement.

What are the market trends for 2016?

Bathing solution industry in India has evolved over the years, from being merely a functional value product to a category that is more evolved and provides experiential feel to their consumers. With rapid boom in the construction sector, backed by rising aspiration of the Indian consumer to have designer aesthetics dress up their private spaces, the Indian bathing industry has become more fashion-led than being just function-led. This inclination is driving consumers towards bathroom products that are not just stunning to look but are also proficient of delivering an indulgent experience with therapeutic benefits. The advanced range of bathroom solutions not only has luxury, style and elegance but also focus on innovative technologies to produce ergonomically convenient designs.

With regards to trends, luxury bathrooms are concentrating more on ergonomics and the interface between people and technology. Jaquar Group concede this fact and has been stimulating consumer aspiration through its luxury brand Artize and premium brand Jaquar. It offers a unique proposition to its customers which are complete and coordinated bath products for the bathing spaces. Artize luxury brand from the group has been offering exclusive and crafted products which are seen as artefact for aspirational and luxurious bath spaces.

What is the USP of your company?

Jaquar Group’s biggest strength is our three state-of-the-art manufacturing facilities that are spread over 1.5 lakh sq. m, equipped with most modern technology and progressive global technological processes to deliver most innovative bath products for the market. Special focus on research and development helps Jaquar deliver innovative unique products for Indian bathing market.We are today recognised and known for excellence in innovation and technology. Through constant development and continuous innovation, we have created a product portfolio that meets every requirement of the consumers.

What is the target audience for your products?

Jaquar Group stands as an undisputed market leader in the bath fittings category catering to various segments of bath industry with different brands for residential and commercial sectors which are:

  • Brand Artize
  • Brand Jaquar
  • Brand Essco

What are your future plans?

The company since its inception has delivered world class bathing products that fits into the need of every type of customer. We attain this through constant development and continuous innovation. As a company we stand for the new age customer who aspires for complete and coordinated bathing requirements. Thus, we are moving away from being a faucet brand to a complete bathing solutions brand. Jaquar has stepped into a lot of various bath related markets to make it a “Complete Bathing Solutions” Brand. Available under the Jaquar banner is sanitary ware and a wellness range of products like shower enclosures, shower panels, showers, whirlpools, steam cabins and spas, water heaters and flushing systems. Recently it has also diversified into lighting. A comprehensive and world class range of specialty lighting, for commercial, residential and outdoor applications.

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