We want to replicate emotion through furniture

We want to replicate emotion through furniture
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Realty+ plus chats to Hersh Pitroda the co-founder of Burosy. The company is known for its robust desking and seating products are design, patented and manufactured from high-quality recyclable materials that are engineered using high pressure extrusion and die cast machines. Intelligent engineering helps Burosys to stand apart from the crowd, as the company is quick to adopt modern features in its products.

At Burosys –We redefine workspaces. In the most basic sense we supply loose furniture to large corporates and even to a two person office. We are personally involved in almost every step along the way, be it a large corporate office or a two person office. We work hand in hand with our clients, in terms of consultation, choice of furniture and to help them design the entire space. We understand their core vision and what they want their brand to represent and we incorporate that in the way we design their workspace. We aim to replicate the vision and mission of the company through furniture. We want to replicate emotion through furniture.

When one looks at what we basically do it is just providing modern furniture but in an aesthetic sense it is a sum of many things. Being part of the lineage of one of the oldest chair companies in the country, Pitroda Furniture Pvt Ltd started in 1940, we stand for quality, service and promise. At Pitroda they provide just the products that have always been in line with the standard requirements of very large companies. In Burosys we provide more of a service. In that sense we are quite distinct.

My involvement is primarily in Burosys. Here at Burosys we boutique everything together. We put together several things from different countries as well as manufacture certain things locally. Attention to detail is very important, right from selecting the pencil holders for the work stations to designing 30-40 cabins. We advise our clients on what would best suit their available space and then amplify the end result.

When we design offices for tech companies they come with their own list of technologically advanced demands. That is the time we have to get really creative and techy. For such clients we provide desks with embedded wireless chargers, USB points etc. With tech clients we can really gimmicky and adventurous. However, we don’t like over kill. Forget the thought, the fact that we can makes these things exist as a product is highly unusual.

Another really interesting thing we use is occupancy sensors. We can embed occupancy mappers to know if the employee’s desk is vacant or occupied. This is really big with facility management companies. It helps the leadership team know the number of occupants on a floor at a particular time and then they can accordingly save energy and even encourage collaboration by combining individuals from all floors. This helps increase the overall productivity of the company. It all boils down to the company’s vision.


We do work hand in hand with a lot of co-working space providers as well as developers. We have done the sales offices of Wadha Group, Lodha group and couple others. We keep getting repeat order from these guys. We have done all the Uber offices across India. We also sell some of our products to our competitors.

We are trying to go more B2C as well. It will follow in the steps of Ikea where customers get a small building kit along with the product. This will enable them to put together the product themselves and take it apart whenever they want.

Relationship building

Our aim is to build a relationship with all our clients. We need to first understand each other before we can start any sort of project with them. It’s more than just what one sees in a catalogue. We like to exceed expectations.

We are like a stylist cum manufacturer and designer. I don’t think there any specific word to describe us. We are a bit of everything.

HershPitroda the co-founder of Burosyconcludes, “Getting to know people is hard, but getting to know people online, is even harder. No matter how advanced technology gets, there will always be a divide keeping us from truly knowing a person we’ve only spent time with online. There isn’t an exact formula you have to follow — you simply want your office space page to be interesting, informative, and personable. You want to give your prospects a reason to fall in love with your brand. Keeping this Burosys goes a step beyond to understand your DNA and build a solution that reflects and combines your brand personality with a curated workspace furniture proposal”.

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