Your Guide To The Right Property

Your Guide To The Right Property
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Vikas Sahani, CMD, Property Guru says “We strongly believe that online is going to rule market in near future.”

How would you define real estate sector?

Real estate requires status of industry which still hasn’t happened. Although, current scenario is in correction phase, this sector has been the source of lot of employment and earning avenues.

Steps taken to regularize the brokers market at your end

We strongly believe in consortium, we rope in people with us, we believe in bulk bookings from corporate. At least one consultant requires to get authenticated and have some regulation on them.

Any celebrity/famous clients you would like to mention?

Not individuals but our initial clients like Teacher Association, GAIL and NTPC Dadri whom I require to thank.

What are your strengths as a broker?

Transparency with best price, we believe in customer satisfaction.

Are you on the social media?

We do have a sister concern called I Lead Guru (a digital marketing agency) from where we generate lead based campaigns and we are very much active in majority of social platforms. Our belief is that online is going to rule market in near future.

Do you provide after deal service?

Not yet, but intend to do in near future.

Do you provide free assistance to your clients in paper work?

Yes we help customers to do their needful paperwork’s.

Do you provide detailed records of the property prior to a deal?

Yes, if asked we do provide property details to our customers.

What do you think is the need of the hour?

Registrations of individuals and with proper education about the industry are the need of the hour.

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