146 MW of solar power at airports

146 MW of solar power at airports
11/07/2016 , by , in ALLIED

The government of India plans to generate a total of 146 MW of solar power at various airports across the country. The civil aviation ministry disclosed this information after a meeting to review the progress of energy and water conservation measures at Airports Authority of India’s (AAI’s) airports across the country.

AAI has already installed solar power plants at 16 airports with a total capacity of 5.4 MW. So far, 51 lakh energy units have been generated from these plants leading to a reduction of 4,600 metric tonnes in carbon emissions. By December 2016, additional 24.1 MW of solar power plants will become operational at 11 more airports. In fact, the perspective plan of AAI targets augmenting the solar power generation to 116 MW by including 16 more airports.

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