30 Leading Indian Architects visit VitrANisantasiIstanbul

30 Leading Indian Architects visit VitrANisantasiIstanbul
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VitrANisantasi, Istanbul Turkey, is more than a shop, it is a creative platform designed by the world famous designer Mr. Paolo Giachimeant to host bathroom accessories and working space in over eight retail floors. The product zoning allows to define stylistically unique areas. Half transparent wooden and glass panels create the shadow games alternating with welcome relaxation areas for customers. Each floor is combined with a golden staircase of a unique color surrounded by LED light cuts. The façade made of micro-perforated and LED backlit panels simulates the fluid movement of the water, creating a striking nocturnal effect.

VitrAthe leading bathroom solutions brand of Eczacıbaşı Building Products Division welcomed a group of 30 Indian leading architects& interior designers.Mr. Erdem Akan Global Design Director VitrA is a master of all trades-designer, design manager, art director, curator, instructor, with vast academic background, degree in mechanical engineering, industrial design and design management. He addressed the 30 prominent Indian architects and described the concept behind various products, which are available in India and across the world. He also spoke about water conservation and green technology.

The team of 30 architects was a part of WOV, (work on vacation) version 2. The architects not only enjoyed the soft music being played by the 3 piece band,and savored various Turkish delights but also appreciated the display and frequently enquired on design and product.


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