360O INSULATION SOLUTIONS – Thermal | Cooling | Acoustics

360O INSULATION SOLUTIONS – Thermal | Cooling | Acoustics
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Inner Engineering is a leading Insulation Solutions company in India. The unique aspect of their solutions is that they are the first company to bring internationally benchmarked customized insulation solutions that are specifically tested to perform optimally in Indian climatic conditions.

Their flexible and customizable products can be clubbed into four different categories
such as Thermal & Reflective Insulation category, which has products like INPANEL™ and
INAIRFILL™; Acoustic Insulation category, which includes INSOUND™; Fire & Thermal Insulation with INSERA® as the product, and last but not the least, Thermo-Acoustic Insulation in the form of INROCK® family of products. Their bouquet of offerings also includes ancillary products like INFIX™, INSEAL™, INPUF™, and INSEAL™.

Headquartered in Ahmedabad with branches in Gujarat, Maharashtra & M.P, Inner Engineering has been at the vanguard of innovation. The company has introduced various pioneering products in Thermal and Acoustic insulation. With a mission of being a leader in research and innovation
in the insulation industry, Inner Engineering is an R&D driven company that is focused on
continuous India-centric innovation and quality. Their products are certified by external certification
agencies. They are also associated with various industry recognized regulatory bodies like FSAI & IGBC.
They have also been the force behind the successful completion of quite a few major installations.

“Our wide range of products not only provide multiple options to our clients but the smart design of these products provide customized solutions and structural flexibility to support
their specific requirements. Our products work seamlessly across industrial facilities, residential and commercial buildings. We are driven by the zest of transforming retail, home and commercial insulation into an organized sector.” Mitul Shah, Founder, Inner Engineering

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