3D Printing Museum Set to Open in China

3D Printing Museum Set to Open in China
12/07/2021 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Fab-Union, a Chinese company specializing in various robotic construction technologies, is 3D printing a massive cement structure tha will host the first Construction 3D Printing Museum. The construction 3D printing museum will likely display a number of different construction technology approaches within the construction 3D printed structure. To learn more about what could be part of the museum, you can view 3dpbm’s Construction 3D printing AM Focus eBook, which includes a 20-year timeline of the major achievements in construction 3D printing.

Fab-Union’s technologies are all based on FUROBOT, a robot programming platform developed by Fab-Union for the construction industry. The purpose of the software is to seamlessly connect the design process with the construction process, allowing designers and other construction industry practitioners to smoothly intervene in the robot construction process.

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