5 Reasons to buy a 2 Bedroom Home

5 Reasons to buy a 2 Bedroom Home
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When living in a city, it is always a privilege to own your own home. In fact, many would consider themselves to have reached a certain level of success if they are the proud owners of property. In a growing city like Thane there are a number of options when it comes to home size and square foot area. The one bedroom hall kitchen, popularly called the 1BHK, may seem like a good idea when you are first setting out in life, but if you have the finances and can find a good 2BHK in a perfect area by a reputed developer, then it is always better to go for a 2 BHK, this is why:

Future Perfect: No matter if you are single or a newly married couple, for now while a 1BHK may seem sufficient, there will be a time when your family will grow, at that point of time you will be glad for a 2BHK and not having to go house hunting again. While considering the future it would also be a good idea to think about the location and purchasing a flat in an area that is ideally located in terms of connectivity and also has schools and other facilities nearby.

Added space: When you are purchasing a 2BHK, it is not that you are getting only an additional bedroom. The total square foot area of the home will also increase giving you more space in the home. You can take advantage of this by creating niches in the home which could work as a home office or a small library alcove or studio. The bottom line is that greater space allows you to pursue your hobbies.

Income Source: Until such time that you have need to use the spare bedroom, you can use it to generate some income for yourself. Consider having a room-mate or a paying guest in your home. Else, for those who are proficient with running a home business, the spare room could offer a myriad of possibilities from being a place to conduct classes for children, to tailoring or even a catering service.

Perks and Amenities: Very often most developers offer certain amenities and perks as per the home you are occupying. Thus, more parking space will be offered to those who have a 2BHK apartment, or perhaps special club benefits.

Resale value: Think about it, while you may purchase a home with the intention of living in it forever, there may be circumstances where you may have to move to a different city or any other change in your life which will require you to sell your home. A 2BHK apartment is much easier to sell and will have better appreciation value as well, especially if you have purchased one in a location like Thane which has great connectivity to all parts of Mumbai and Navi Mumbai, malls and entertainment avenues close by as well as world class amenities.

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