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The magazine is serving great benefits to the real estate industry. The topics are highly informative and share a good and comprehensive knowledge about real estate. Especially the trending topic on August issue – “Buyers shop for homes virtually” where the augmented reality and virtual reality senses simultaneously and display properties in a realistic manner helps in boosting sales as well as increases chances of buying a property. Even the story “India Architectural Lightening Market 2018” has focused on the biggest lighting markets which include valuable insights on the growing urbanisation. In the Project Watch, my suggestion will be to include at least 2 government projects along with others.
JigneshShethia, Talib&Shamsi Constructions Pvt. Ltd.

The variety of topics and current issues that are covered are a good way to keep us updated on what’s happening in the industry across the country. It would be better if you include the case studies of successful events, such as marketing launch, great products across segments etc. The magazine is doing a great work including the on-ground events. Keep increasing the levels!
Navin Thakur, Assistant VP – Marketing, Vascon Engineers Ltd.

Congratulations for Realty+ Conclave & Excellence Awards – North event organized in New Delhi. I am the eyewitness of the Mega Event.This year was better than previous year.
Mahendra Agarwal Majria, Architect of

Currently the fenestration industry in India is not the most organized but is in the transition phase and on the verge of getting more organized than ever. Product offerings are getting systematic, but the installation process is still lacking a proper structure and requires thorough pre and post sales training. There is a dire need of government regulations for standardizing construction vis-à-vis building materials such doors and windows industry in India. Once standardization and regulations are set for manufacturing & fabrication establishments; high quality product delivery can be made possible with lesser lead time and more efficiency.
Kushal Bajaj, Executive Director, Geeta Group

From the Editor’s Desk
While, the Indian real estate is slowly marching ahead towards consolidation, transparency and regulatory environment, certain external factors continue to impact its quick growth. Factors like recent SC ban imposed on construction in some states that was later lifted, Intermittent ban and revision of rules for sand mining or the ‘Dumping Ground Judgment’ prohibiting construction of new buildings in Mumbai later revered by the Supreme Court of India have an adverse influence on the sector’s recovery from slowdown. The recent NBFC crisis too would have some cascading impact on many sectors including real estate.

However, the good news is that the Indian consumer is now in a more upbeat mood and confidence provided by RERA has led to more sales inquiries for developers eventually turning into sales this festive season. As our speakers rightly mentioned at the Realty+ Conclave in New Delhi that now the developers marketing campaigns revolve around project delivery numbers rather than number of launches. Taking forward this conversation will be the Realty+ conclave in the city of Bengaluru next month.

We look forward to a prosperous year ahead for the real estate consumers as well as the businesses.

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