Winter Flings

Winter Flings
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With winter knocking at the door and the temperatures slowly dropping, the days are growing shorter and the nights longer. There is a desire to spruce up one’s living spaces before one prepares to hibernate. As winter slowly wraps the world in its cold yet snug embrace, this is the time to revel in its true essence and bring its serenity to the interiors of one’s home as well. Be it colors, patterns or textures, it’s time to redefine the perception of these trends and gloriously incorporate them at home!

Read on to share in the secrets to reviving the quintessence of winter at home:

Into the blues

While the classic monochrome scheme was very much in vogue last year, this winter, deep blue shades with flashes of clean metallic hints will dominate the industry. These midnight-inspired hues help create an ultra-modern look and will transform one’sroominto a cozy and intimate space. However, it is best to use small and warm pools of light shining to help keep the ambiance around the room comfortable and homely.


Shades of blue such as Sapphire, Turquoise, Aquamarine, Teal are timeless classics that help add a relaxed aura toone’s space. Pairing these shades with classic premium engineered wood floors, such as Noce Imperial or Oak Smokehouse, will make the room nothing short of a masterpiece. Mikasa engineered wood floors gives anyspace a gorgeous and luxurious vibe that transcends a peaceful atmosphere to one’s home. Add subtle elements of metallic in the form of a striking side table with a rose gold top. One can highlight the metallic trend by replacing the closet knobs with metallic ones. The entire ensemble would enhance the chic and ultra-modern features of the room.

A blanket of white

Amidst the autumn leaves carrying hints of gold, reds and oranges, the winter season has subtly snuggled its way to our homes.All one wants to do is curl up in a cozy blanket with a hot cup of coffee and just enjoy the warm solace it offers.

Drawing inspiration from the simplistic serenity that snow brings, one can indulge in an all-white interior theme for their space with quirky accessories which is a win-win for this season. Decorate your room with Greenlam’s Frosty White Laminates in matte finish and accentuate the look with white linen curtains and eccentric chandeliers. While they add drama to a space, all-white décor imbues perfect harmonyin one’s home. If you like contrasting interiors, add inklings of black decorations like a beautiful statement showpiece or a pretty little desk clock in bright tangerine.


Good chemistry

Gone are those days when beige and browns were the only neutral shades when it came to interiors. This winter, earthy tones like camel, tobacco and rust when paired with warm and rich greys will create a stunning synchronization in any living space.Earthy colors are versatile and can take on different characteristics depending on how they are used.

When it comes to patterns, chevron makes for a compelling way to breathe life into an otherwise simple décor. There is nothing simpler than installing laminates in interiors as they are durable and scratch resistant. The Wood Grain collection from Greenlam Laminates comes in a variety of textures and can give living space a theatrical view. Accessorize the whole look by adding a striped table lamp and throw pillows in earthy colors to make it discrete and diverse.expert3

From pleasant and mellow tones to mixing and matching styles to better suit your needs, this season offers up a variety of comfy winter trends you may treat your home to. With the right combinations, all you need is a nice steaming cup of hot chocolate to make the most of the restful chill of winter.


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