A Study in Incorporating ‘Ultimate Grey’

A Study in Incorporating ‘Ultimate Grey’
Jan 2021 , by , in Interviews

Architect Aparna Kaushik

Sleek and sophisticated, moody and dignified, resilient and dramatic, the colour grey offers innumerable expressions within a space. Here are a few ideas to incorporate ‘Ultimate Grey’ – Pantone’s Colour of 2021


A few pointers on how to incorporate ultimate grey into your interiors:  

  1. Add depth to a small space with light grey walls:  A light hint of grey tint to the room makes it feel instantly modern, as well as bigger.
  2. Textured grey: Instead of plain grey, go for textured finishes to highlight your space. Polished marble with veins and fluting on the walls are a perfect combo of contrasting textures within the same colour scheme.
  3. Let details shine: Grey accessories scattered around the room strategically provide interest throughout. Metallic finishes such as brass or wrought iron go well with all grey tones.
  4. Moody grey glamour: Vibrant wall art and sumptuous throws add to the glamour of a dark grey scheme.
  5. Accentuate with white: Bright white trim and elements help break the monotony of grey and keep the space looking fresh and airy.
  6. Grey furniture: Grey doesn’t have to be limited to only walls or accessories. Bring in minimal style furniture in this hue to modernize your room.


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