ADEX Second Episode Had Ar Russell Gilchrist Showcase Repositioning of Old Buildings

ADEX Second Episode Had Ar Russell Gilchrist Showcase Repositioning of Old Buildings
Mar 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Havells Insignia presents ADEX a series by Realty+ Masterclass hosted second episode with renowned Architect Russell Gilchrist, Design Director, Principal, Gensler Chicago. 

Vivek Yadav, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited welcomed the visionary architect and elaborated on Havells initiatives to facilitate the development of an ecosystem of world class designers in India.

Architect Gilchrist having more than 30 years of work experience in the field of architecture and design presented one of his landmark projects that was the  transformation of old Chicago post office into a mixed used modern hub for business and commerce. 

He highlighted the ways limitations of the site were absorbed within the development, the design approach that was in sync with the context of the building’s setting and how the new development continued to preserve the history of the building.

“I believe India has lot of opportunities for adaptive or repurpose architecture given the number of heritage buildings and grand civic building across the country,’ Russell Gilchrist said. According to him repositioning of old buildings is a sustainable way of development though a lot of factors need to be considered before taking up a heritage building for redevelopment. He added, “Tall buildings entail using lot of energy especially due to vertical transportation needs. Use of less glazing. Passive designs and orientation also with using energy efficient products and technology can make buildings low carbon and high performance.”

Remal Behl, Head for Enterprise Business, Havells India Ltd concluded the session by thanking the eminent speaker and emphasizing Havells approach towards providing energy efficient products. 

ADEX Series that aims to enable the process of collaboration with the best in the industry from across the world will present its next episode with another international architect on April 8th, 2021. 

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