After Italy, Japan is Selling Abandoned Homes

After Italy, Japan is Selling Abandoned Homes
11/06/2021 , by , in INTERNATIONAL

Now Japan too has joined Italy, and is selling nearly eight million abandoned houses! Such abandoned houses are called akiya, and are mostly available in the rural regions of the country. With such a scheme, the government hopes to revitalise these regions across the country.

Akiya in English means an empty house in a small town or countryside. People generally don’t want to move into these abandoned houses and real estate agents too have mostly given up on trying to sell off these properties. This situation is also an indicator of Japan’s rapidly falling population.

These homes are generally quite old and left empty for a long time. Thus, making an akiya livable may require an investment so the local government offers subsidies for renovating an akiya, when someone decides to buy these long-abandoned properties.

Well, these Japanese houses are not free; however, the local governments will help buyers in renovation grants, offering subsidies for both purchases and childcare for families that are ready to buy and move. Given the pandemic, it is easier for people to work remotely. Fujikawaguchiko, a beautiful Japanese town sitting at the foothills of Mount Fuji has witnessed a number of young families moving there, especially considering that most of the people are working from home. However, those buying an akiya will have to be prepared to spend a bit more than Italy’s INR 80 houses making your akiya livable may require an investment.


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