Aliens Group awards contract to NCCCL

Aliens Group awards contract to NCCCL
09/03/2017 , by , in News/Views

Aliens Group has recently finalised a Rs 580 crore contract with Mumbai based New Consolidated Construction (NCCCL).

Aliens Group iconic project Space Station has been given a boost by incorporating vendors from outside to complete the project on time to ensure the timely delivery. The developers have recently handed over 120 flats to its owners and would like to handover remaining flats in two phases. The company has also successfully shifted 100 buyers to phase one flats within the project, and in the process of sifting more owners with no extra cost.

The company has recently raised Rs 200 crore from Edelweiss to fasten the delivery process of the residential units within the project.

Hari Challa, MD, Aliens Group said, “This is a big step towards our commitments to the buyers who have invested with us. The company will be providing upgraded flats to our buyers which will be Rs. 800-1000 sq. ft. cheaper than the whole market in the present market scenario.”

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