Amitabh Roy Founder & CEO – Team Taurus

Amitabh Roy Founder & CEO – Team Taurus
May 2017 , by , in Interviews

Amitabh Roy is a hands-on entrepreneur with 17 years of real estate experience. After finishing his Civil Engineering from Bangalore University in 1998, he discovered in no time that he was not cut out for a job. So, he bootstrapped his way to founding the company Team Taurus. Since then, he has gone on from his first 10,000 square feet project to his present 1.8 million square feet project. In between, he completed Entrepreneurial Studies from Indian Institute of Management, Bangalore (2011) and Strategic Real Estate Management from Indian School of Business (2012)

At present, he handles Strategy, Growth and Business Development. His business skills include Real-estate development/ Planning and Strategy/ Entrepreneurship/ Property management/ Mergers and Acquisition/ Negotiation/ Business development. He also volunteers for the cause of Children, Economic empowerment, Education and Girl child

“Growing up in the wild wild east…amidst black diamonds…was carefree and fun!Boarding school changed all that and led to a British/Irish upbringing with a lot of emphasis on baseball and swimming!  For the first time, got a taste of bullying and learnt the early lessons in grit, an attribute that would hold good later!

Much later, while in engineering college, I felt like the odd one out, when I used to gape at beautiful buildings instead of girls (didn’t hurt that the architecture girls found that hot). I could not think of a career which did not help me build…and it was then, that I thought of “born to build” as a tag line when (it was never a doubt), I founded my own firm!

Here I am, doing what I do the best for the last 17 years- Building….fighting…taking my grit to higher levels and generally loving it! Looking forward to creating real estate history”

Its people who make corporations and not vice-versa, .Davids can take on Goliaths if they have the vision and belief to win. Let people talk, one should continue working towards the goals.Persistence pays.

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