Amrapali Zodiac’s completion work gains pace

Amrapali Zodiac’s completion work gains pace
16/12/2019 , by , in News/Views

In some relief for buyers, a fresh round of electrification work at Amrapali Zodiac in Sector 120 started on Sunday, with state-run construction company NBCC bringing four trucks of cables and other material to the site. The electrification process for the project is now set to be completed. NBCC has also floated a tender to get a contractor on board.

Currently, out of the 22 Amrapali Zodiac towers, electrification is going on for three – A, B and W. “While some work had already started, bulk supplies have now reached the location, which indicates completion work is likely to be accelerated,” said Joginder Singh, a resident and buyer at Zodiac.

In an order issued in July, the Supreme Court had asked NBCC to complete all pending utility work, such as electrification of some towers and water connection, within a month. It had also ordered for fresh tripartite agreements between the Noida Authority, buyers and the appointed court receiver to execute the registration process for 14,000 Amrapali buyers living in their flats on the basis of NOCs.

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