Antica Ceramica Launched “Germ-Free Tiles”

Antica Ceramica Launched “Germ-Free Tiles”
Dec 2020 , by , in Press Room

Antica Ceramica a premium brand in the tile industry has recently introduced its new collection of “Germ-Free Tiles” at its flagship store and retailers all over India for creating a statement definition in the hygienic & germ-free floor & wall tiles.

The Germ shield tiles are manufactured with advanced nanotechnology that has an anti-microbial coating with a self-cleaning feature that kills 99% of germs by affecting the pathogen’s protein-based cellular mechanisms. Made of Mg, silver, the glaze imbibes antifungal & antibacterial traits; these tiles are durable over time.

With the anti-skid feature, these tiles are perfectly suitable choices for schools, hospitals, homes, offices, and many other commercial establishments. Its anti-microbial treatment prevents the growth of germs, bacteria, and fungus on the tiles. The nanoparticles in the glaze can sterilize more than 650 bacteria types. When these particles came in contact with germs and bacteria adversely impact their cellular mechanism making its growth and multiplication impossible thus preventing odours, infection, sores, and itchiness.

Rahul Bhugra, Director- Antica Ceramica said,  “A hygienic, germ-free floor is everyone’s preference for their homes. Installing germ-free tiles is an innovative, time-saving solution for fighting several pathogenic microbes for workaholics. With a wide variety of colors and different sizes, our collection will surely fill the need of the market”.


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