APL Apollo launches Apollo Column that gives futuristic edge to the buildings

APL Apollo launches Apollo Column that gives futuristic edge to the buildings
Oct 2020 , by , in Press Room

Offering a wide range of hollow structural steel sections, Apollo Column is suitable for residential, commercial as well as infrastructure projects.

New Delhi, 27th   October 2020: APL Apollo Tubes Limited (APL Apollo), one of the leading branded steel tubes manufacturers, has launched “Apollo Column”, India’s largest range of hollow structural steel sections of the sizes ranging upto 300×300 mm. The company is now all set to launch structural steel tubes of 500×500 mm size very soon in the Indian market.

Giving a futuristic edge to buildings, Apollo Column has emerged as the best suitable building material for residential, commercial as well as infrastructure projects. Apollo Columns are used in warehouses, industrial building, commercial centres, multi-storey buildings, foot over bridges, parking shelters and fuel stations in a big way.  Apollo Column offers flexibility in sizes, design, uniform strength and much higher torsional strength.

An irreplaceable member of structural buildings due to its high load bearing capacity and strength-to weight ratio, Apollo Column offers higher radii of gyration about both axes providing superior compression performance and significant weight savings. Superior quality, precise sizing, sturdiness, ease of bending, punching and drilling altogether makes it a must have in every construction.

Announcing the launch of Apollo Column, Mr. Sanjay Gupta, CMD, APL Apollo said, “A game changer innovation in construction, Apollo Column can be called the heart of pre-engineered buildings due to its wide range of sizes, high weight bearing capacity, superior quality and sturdiness. Aesthetically appealing and environment friendly, Apollo Column also facilitates enhanced construction speed hence it’s a perfect choice for the construction industry.”

One of the biggest advantages of using Apollo Column in pre-engineered buildings is that it lowers steel consumption while reducing project duration and assuring minimal wastage at the same time. Apollo Column reduces the consumption of steel in the pre-engineered buildings by 15% to 25% which ultimately results in reducing the overall project cost.

Salient features and benefits of Apollo Column:

  1. Flexibility in design: Gives engineers and architects enough flexibility to create unique structures with unique tube sizes.
  2. Uniform strength: No weaker axis due to uniform distribution of material around its axis.
  3. Easy to paint: Apollo column can be easily painted due to its uniform and smooth shape.
  4. Higher torsional strength: Apollo Column delivers exceptional torsional resistance up to 200 times greater torsion than open sections.
  5. Less wastage of material: Apollo Column provides cut to length sizes from 4 to 12 mm to avoid wastage.
  6. Accurate weight: Apollo Column is available in accurate weight which matches the theoretical calculated weight.
  7. Less consumption of steel: Use of HSS sections reduces the weight of steel structure.
  8. Lower project cost: Low erection and low transportation cost saves overall project cost.
  9. Easy to install: Bolting system makes the structure simple and easier for the contractors.
  10. Ease of fabrication: Ease of welding, punching, bending and drilling makes Apollo Column a perfect choice.

Offered at a competitive price, Apollo Columns are available in a wide range of choices.


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