Ar. Vicky Chan Presented Revolutionary Design Concepts during ADEX Series Presented by Havells Insignia

Ar. Vicky Chan Presented Revolutionary Design Concepts during ADEX Series Presented by Havells Insignia
Apr 2021 , by , in Realty Spotlight

Havells Insignia presents ADEX a series organized by Realty+ Masterclass hosted the third episode with renowned Architect Vicky Chan, Founder, Avoid Obvious Architects. 

Vivek Yadav, Senior Vice President, Havells India Limited welcomed the visionary architect and elaborated on Havells initiatives to facilitate the development of an ecosystem of world class designers in India. 

Talking on the topic of- The Push towards Sustainable Cities, Ar Vicky Chan presented his projects in China, Hong Kong and Canada. Through his projects he elaborated on –

  1. Use of farming to connect people, city, and nature
  2. Use of technology for energy efficiency in buildings 
  3. Use of building automation for sustainability in built spaces 

Ar. Vicky Chan emphasized on the architect’s role in combining design, technology and sustainability for designing buildings and cities of the future. He also concurred that the collaboration between experts from various domains is a long process but can give some amazing results in terms of the end-product. 

Ar Chan rightly pointed out during his talk on implementability of radical technologies or concepts, “On a smaller scale of a built-in space the scope of experimenting and correcting is more and within budgets. However, as the scale of the project increases such as a building and further to city planning, the implementation of new ideas become difficult. But in Asian countries given the fast paced economy, the revisions are accepted along with implementation, unlike western countries where the same is not possible and by the time a lapse is identified, it becomes too late or too costly to implement.”

Remal Behl, Head for Enterprise Business, Havells India Ltd concluded the session by thanking the eminent speaker and emphasizing on Havells approach towards providing energy efficient products and promoting sustainable tech solutions.. 

ADEX Series that aims to enable the process of collaboration with the best in the industry from across the world will present its next episode with another eminent architect on April 29th, 2021. 


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