Architect and designer Ramón Esteve

Architect and designer Ramón Esteve
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In 1991, Ramón Esteve founded his own studio RE_E with a belief that architecture was an expanding global discipline. Since then, the team has grown with work encompassing the fields of architecture, interiors, industrial design, and graphic communication.

What originally made you want to study architecture and become an architect?

I am glad I chose architecture at an age when it is difficult to know for sure what to do in life. I was certainly attracted by art and technique. When you choose to be an architect you don’t know exactly what you are dealing with. You find it step by step — as you advance in your studies — but it is day by day more fascinating. My passion for architecture comes from my passion for beauty, for everything that conveys emotion and makes you feel good.

Along with computer generated visualizations, is there still a place for hand drawn sketching?

I start all my designs sketching on everything that I have around, especially at the least appropriate moment and place — cafés, flights or even meetings that are not related to the design that we are dealing with. I travel a lot, so ideas always appear out of a professional context. That’s why I always carry pencil crayons in my pocket: formality is little inspiring. The process starts, both in architecture and design, with those freehand drawings, using crayon pencils or watercolors. Then, when I decide that I have a strong concept, I start measuring it. In order to do this, I draw it directly with the computer and continue printing and redrawing by hand on the prints.

The relationship between architecture and design?

I like the idea of using architecture and design working together to create experiences. They are inseparable and they are both created with the same conceptual rules in order to transmit a surrounding universe of sensations that is related with my outlook on life. Most of the time, architecture commissions and design commissions come independently. I love both, but I am more attracted by the possibility of generating those global concepts that include both of them.

The projects you are currently working on?

I only take commissions that I believe to be stimulating: in design, we are developing some furniture pieces, and also doing art direction for vondom; a lighting program for vibia and a new concept that contain all the potential of porcelanosa that we have called ‘premium collection’. Also for porcelanosa we have designed a line of kitchens and bathrooms.

Regarding architecture, we have started some very interesting collaboration with developers supporting advanced quality design, for them we have designed several buildings in Madrid and Alicante. We are also working on an office building and a hospital. but I enjoy working on dwellings such as ‘la finca’, ‘la cantera’, ‘la pinada’… they are a challenge in regard to the use of materials or structure.

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