Architects objects to new building plans

Architects objects to new building plans
09/01/2018 , by , in News/Views

Architects’ association have objected to the Pune Municipal Corporation’s (PMC) new building permission scheme.

The PMC had decided to adopt a trust-based approach that will allow licensed architects and engineers to issue building permission for constructions up to 2,000 square metres and beyond, provided they give a self-declaration. The rule applies only on layouts that have been approved. Licensed architects, engineers, developers or land owners will have to submit an affidavit along with sanctioned maps, relevant documents such as zoning demarcations, a no-objection certificate (NOC) and a structural stability report to the PMC.

“The corporation has decided to sanction the building proposals on the self-declaration by architects and engineers of the project,” the PMC had said in its statement.

However, architects have urged the civic administration to rethink this scheme, as it would put the onus of the entire project on them.

The new scheme came into effect on January 1. Under the scheme, the building permission department will instantly issue receipts upon getting the self-declaration, which will be considered provisional building permission. This will help get new constructions off the ground quickly. They’ll have a month to furnish all the documents, after which the final permission will be granted.

However, there was a caveat — those who take undue advantage of the scheme and flout norms will be taken to task. Architects and engineers fear they will have to face the brunt.

“The civic administration should have interacted with us before finalizing the scheme. The initiative has a few flaws, which should be addressed,” said a joint statement issued by the associations of architects and structural engineers, including the Indian Institute of Architects (Maharashtra), Architects Engineers and Surveyors Association Pune, and Pune Architectural Consultants Association.

The statement added that the landowners and developers should also be taken to task for any flaw in completing the formalities.

Civic officials told TOI that errant developers and landowners will also face the music. “We are asking landowners also to submit affidavits. The architects will be responsible only for the technical aspect of the building plans. Legal issues and other aspects will have to be handled by the owners,” said Amar Shinde, a senior official with the building permission department.

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