Architectural Design Intervention’s Outcomes

Architectural Design Intervention’s Outcomes
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Any designed space can establish a connection with the people that consists of well thought and reflective visuals. Robin Sisodiya, Founder & Principal Architect, ASRO Arcade


What are the practical outcomes of a design intervention?

A practical approach towards a design intervention comes when all architectural elements- the object, landscape and infrastructure are thought of as one. This helps widen the conceptual framework of topics that are substantial to architecture design. 

Outcomes of a design can have varying concepts within architecture. The challenge lies not only in the various interpretations of design functionality and aesthetics but also in the effect of the structure in the environment. 


What are factors influencing architectural mediation?

A pragmatic approach towards architectural interventions are possible and applied when the design meets three conditions; 

  1. When the architectural space designed has been planned on the basis of human intervention
  2. When the landscape is seamlessly integrated into the architectural structure and is inseparable
  3. When transforming the infrastructure, architectural laws are well incorporated and a part of the design. 


A unique experience of light and scenery can be attained when the building structure develops a character that emphasizes and celebrates the site. In addition to it, the building should provide a unique experience of movement between the open and closed spaces. As a consequence, the planned space gets enhanced and the experimentation involves artistic and architectural creation.


Give an example of how a design intervention can enhance living experience

In the building designed by ASRO Arcade, the facade has been designed keeping in mind the privacy needed in the balcony and the shade needed from the overhead sun. Rust coloured perforated aluminium sheets ensure the play of light and shadow indoors while keeping the exterior uniform and interesting. What is compelling about the design is that design possesses an autonomy characteristic of its own while absorbing the flows and circulation of the architectural laws. 

The mobility allowed in a home and the flow of spaces become a core quality that carries significant consequences concerning the spatial configuration. Ease of circulation integrated into the realm of primary spaces as a part of core designing holds greater importance for a feasible design dimension. Any space planned needs to be designed while keeping in mind the functional requirement of the area and the user along with the flow of movement needed to execute the function of the room.  

A living room, for instance, generally located at the start of a home and meant to entertain is designed in a way that ensures open areas for gatherings and incorporates natural light and ventilation for an inviting ambience. 

The use of MS louvres in the facade makes the play of light and shadow beguiling both from the indoors and the exterior. To keep the colour scheme uniform throughout, steel grey granite stone has been used with wooden laminated HPL. The interaction of black and white along with the horizontal and vertical louvres gives the facade a contemporary look. There is a physical continuity between the structure and the surrounding environment with the use of glass and the steady colour scheme. This led to the fading of the concept of limit, while keeping in focus that there is a definite border in the space transition between the building and the surroundings. 

A simple intervention to the entrance door of the house immediately brightens up the gateway. The use of varied materials such as the perforated aluminium rust shade jali with the marble-clad work instantly shows an interesting amalgamation of different materials and offers warmth to the design. The constantly evolving needs of the clients make way for some thoughtful design interferences that are not only suitable to the environment but also functional in their use. 

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