Around 40 RWAs in Dehradun protest proposed 40% hike in house tax

Around 40 RWAs in Dehradun protest proposed 40% hike in house tax
04/08/2018 , by , in News/Views

Around 40 Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs) of the city on Thursday came out against the increase in the house tax by the Dehradun Municipal Corporation (DMC).

The corporation has proposed to increase the house tax by 40% for the city and Thursday was the last day for filing the objections against the proposal. The representatives of the RWAs said that the increase is unjustifiable when viewed against the services the DMC has been providing.

RWA president Mahesh Bhandari said, “On every other corner, you will find drains choked and garbage lying on the roads. The door-to-door garbage collection has been delayed again and again but still, the corporation wants us to pay increased house taxes.” The RWAs have asked the municipal commissioner to limit the house tax increase to between 5% and 10%.

Bhandari added that the changes in the house tax have to be made by a committee of DMC board members but the board’s term has already ended on May 3. “The DMC board’s term ended in May and the government is saying that the municipal elections will be held in a month or two. Why then did they increase the house tax now? They could have waited for the board to convene,” he said.

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