Ashish R Puravankara, Managing Director, Puravankara Limited

Ashish R Puravankara,  Managing Director, Puravankara Limited
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Ashish R Purvankara, Managing Director, Purvankara Limited

A second generation entrepreneur, Ashish R Puravankara – Managing Director of Puravankara, was formally introduced to the business of real estate at a very early age. After the completion of his Bachelor’s in Business Administration, stepping into a family run business came with its own unique challenges. It was Ashish’s passion for success and learning which has today made his organisation a respected and a trusted name in the real estate sector.

Be it the adrenaline pumping Formula 1 racing or relaxing evening drives, Ashish’s love for cars is distinct. Being a long-time fan of his favourite F1 racer, Michael Schumacher, Ashish has spent several of those Sunday mornings watching Schumiburn those tracks down.” Missing out on those races would have been like blasphemy”, he says half-jokingly. In fact, his deep interests in automobiles and travelling reflect in his style of work and take on life.

The excitement of reaching the finish line before your competitors, along with an equal balance of technical skill and precision is a beautiful combination on its own.

It is the essence of energy which played a role in Ashish’s early days with Puravankara. He spent his first two years learning the nuances of real estate in real time, taking up on-site responsibilities. Ashish’s journey was determined by his attitude to take the road less travelled, constantly innovating. “My initial days in this industry were definitely a steep learning curve. But I loved challenging myself and that was what drove me all along, “said Ashish.

Today, being one of the driving forces behind Puravankara’s growth, Ashish says that it is not only its leaders but also the employees of the company who have an equal part to play in its success. “When I’m in my car, I feel one with it. The moment I connect with the pedal, I trust and take the leap.Similarly, as a leader, I have always had faith in my employees and their efforts. It is this belief which has driven the company to where it stands today.”

“Yes I do love my job, but I equally enjoy my off time too. I do not like labels like‘workaholic’ as I believe that one should have interests beyond work. It is work-life integration which ensures holistic growth of the mind. After a hard day at work nothing compares to being behind the steering wheel and taking a spin.It’s just me and the road. Dedicating time for myself whether it’s driving, going for a run, playing tennis or travelling, all equally enrich my life!

Also, an enthusiastic traveller he adds, “Travelling is like food for the soul. It opens your mind to view things in different perspectives; it gives birth to fresh ideas. Travelling for me has always been a humbling experience.My family and I love travelling together. As a parent, it is that time of the year when the child inside me comes alive.”

From being a great leader to a loving father, Ashish has always strived to live life to the fullest. He believes in dreaming big and in achieving the impossible.In the words of his idol, Michael Schumacher, Ashish concludes, “Once something is a passion, the motivation is there.”

There are several times when you question yourself, however I always believed that every challenge holds an opportunity to learn and that kept me going.

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