Asian Paints Launches Health and Hygiene Segment

Asian Paints Launches Health and Hygiene Segment
01/08/2020 , by , in ALLIED

Playing its part in the fight against the coronavirus crisis, Asian Paints is working towards launching a complete range of innovative products in its health and hygiene segment. The company had been working in the health and hygiene sector over the last 2-3 years and already has ‘Royal Health Shield’ which is an anti-bacterial paint Recently, it also launched a new product called ‘Royal Health Shield Clear’.

The company is running the ‘Safe Painting Campaign’ to give people confidence that it was safe to get a set of painters to get your house painted. Furthermore, Asian Paints has started ‘San Assure’ service through which people can get their homes, offices and shops sanitised. The company has also launched an anti-bacterial paint named ‘Royal Health Shield’.

The company has also provided an insurance facility for those working at sellers’ shops. This gives them a sense of security that they have a medical insurance in case of any unlikely situation. Asian Paints have also extended financial aid to several retailers.

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